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What Is Vital Oxide?

One Product, Seven Solutions. Vital Oxide is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer and super effective odor eliminator. 

EPA Registered Hospital Disinfectant

Proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria and does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

NSF Registered (D2) Food Contact Sanitizer

99.999% Sanitization on food contact surfaces in less than 60 seconds. Vital Oxide won’t alter the taste of food on sanitized surfaces.

Molds & Mildew Killer

Kills and prevent spores with up to 7 months residual effects. Safe on a wide range of surfaces from marble to carpeting and beyond.

Allergen Eliminator

Proven effective on pet dander as well as dust mite and cockroach allergens. Can be used directly on pet bedding & sleeping areas.

Odor Eliminator

End malodors caused by smoke, trash, septic systems, stale cooking & more. Vital Oxide contains no masking agents or fragrances and is highly effective at neutralizing urine and fecal odors.

HVAC and Air Ducts

Vital Oxide is used in HVAC and Air Ducts for antimicrobial control, including bacteria, mold, mildew and other fungi, leaving the HVAC systems and Air Ducts free of microbial contamination and ensuring air quality.

Soft Surface Sanitizer

Vital Oxide can be used as a sanitizer on a wide range of soft surfaces. Vital Oxide kills odors and odor causing bacteria on soft surfaces by eliminating the source. Great for upholstery, curtains and auto interiors.

Vital Oxide In Action

Click the videos below to see the Vital Oxide in action 

South Florida Science Museum uses Vital Oxide

Vital Oxide in the Channel 10 news with the Florida School System.

School Uses Vital Oxide To Combat Swine Flu

The days of scrubbing with cleaners could be over.

Carpet Comparison: Vital Oxide vs No Vital Oxide

The sample on the right was treated with Vital Oxide the left was not.

What People Are Saying About Vital Oxide

A few words from our customers

aaahhh...finally. Zero Smell.....

If you are like me and are chemically sensitive, you can appreciate when I say.....aaahhh...finally. Zero Smell..... - Jasper Friden

I will always have a bottle of this on hand.

Moving into a condo that has been unoccupied (except for mice!) for 3 years. Using Vital Oxide on mold, musty odor and disinfecting. Good results! No perfume or chemical smells from this product. I will always have a bottle of this on hand. - Carolyn

This could work for several million people with sleep apnea

I have sleep apnea and I regularly spray my mask, the humidifier and the hose that carries the air . This could work for several million people with sleep apnea - William Jackson

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